Counselor, MA, LPCA Counselor, MA, LPCA

Welcome to The Comfortable Counselor.

What if counseling could be COMFORTABLE? What if it could be done YOUR way? After all, this is YOUR life, these are YOUR challenges, and this is YOUR story to write, or even re-write. What can I do to help make counseling more COMFORTABLE for you?

Although waterfalls, and new age music in the background are nice, that's not what you will find in my office. Instead, you will find a comfortable office space where you are free to be yourself; comfortable enough to kick off your shoes and relax as we discuss your struggles, challenges, goals.

My office attire is relaxed, and my counseling philosophy is unique. I specialize in working with men and the challenges they face, such as various types of addiction, marital stress, life transition, and parenting issues. When not counseling, I kayak, hike, ride my bike, and enjoy live music.

I believe in having flexible and convenient hours to meet the needs of my clients. Options include Saturday and evening hours, available by appointment, as well as meeting at your place of work. Also, please feel free to ask me about confidential, HIPAA compliant video counseling.